Spacedelta.com is an initiative from Albert and Victor Martín García , two IT engineer brothers with wide experience on the Internet. They have been the promoters of projects such as twitxr.com and moneytrackin.com, thanks to which they were selected as one of the top 25 European entrepreneurs under 25 years of age by the prestigious magazine Business Week in 2007.

Albert and Victor Martín García

In late april 2009, they incorporated as FAVSIS 2009 sl, a society that holds the ownership of spacedelta. The company headquarters are located in the University of Girona Technological Park.

Contact details:

FAVSIS 2009, sl

c/ Pic de Peguera, 15
Edifici Jaume Casademont
Parc tecnològic de la UdG
17003 Girona

HQ location HQ location

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